Birds of Iowa


Welcome to the Birds of Iowa website. This site contains photos and information about birds I have photographed in Iowa and other places. I have also added photos of amphibians, bats, flowers, fungi, mammals, salamanders, snails, snakes and turtles.

    Welcome to the Birds of Iowa website. This site contains information about birds found in Iowa. I created this website to share the information that I have acquired and accumulated over the years on birds. I have also included photographs from other areas of the country. These photos were taken on trips I have made over several years.

For insect information and photos go to . This new site will replace the old insect site. The new site has a lot of new features and has better lookup capabilities. This site will not be updated after Jan 2015 but will remain for the present.

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Also if you have a monitor that is less than 17 inches, you may need to scroll down on the page to find the photos. apparently my pages are too wide to display properly on a 14 or 15 inch monitor. The table with the pictures will be offset down the page.


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